Yacht Ownership

Choosing the best ownership solution that suits your residential and financial status, and allows you to use your superyacht whenever and wherever you wish, should be your primary concern. If you get this right from the outset, the number of days you have enjoying or chartering your superyacht will greatly surpass the number of days dealing with issues in the future.

Since 1984, Dominion Marine has incorporated over 1,200 companies for both pleasure and commercial superyacht owners in many jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man, BVI, Caymans Islands, Malta and Monaco. Our dedication to client relationships means some clients have been with DMCS for many years and are on their fifth or sixth superyacht.

DMCS is the only service provider, solely dedicated to assisting superyacht owners, that can offer the three main ownership solutions currently available:

The Dominion team has the necessary industry knowledge and insight to identify the best solution for you.

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