Yacht Importation into the EU

Dominion Marine can help you with the importation of your yacht into the EU.

The formal importation process applies to commercial yachts.

To avoid any complications with customs you need to use full importation if:

  • your yacht was purchased or built outside the EU
  • your yacht was built within the EU for export but now needs to return into EU waters
  • your yacht is non-EU owned and is to be used for third party charters within European waters
  • your yacht has no formal importation documents in place and you wish to enjoy free circulation within the EU
  • your yacht is non-EU registered and you wish to visit Palma/Spain after a period of stay outside of the EU

We can advise on and deal with all the importation paperwork and our fees are based on the value of the yacht.

Temporary importation can also be used for pleasure yachts in some cases where:

  • the yacht has a non-EU flag
  • the yacht has a non-EU registered owner including a corporate entity
  • the yacht is used by a non-EU resident for himself/herself or immediate family (NB: the family must also be non-EU resident)


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