Dominion Marine Corporate Services

If you are purchasing a superyacht you will be seeking the very best advisers to steer you through all of the implications of owning a seagoing vessel. The advantages of corporate ownership are well known: asset protection, limited liability, tax efficiencies and confidentiality.

Dominion Marine Corporate Services (DMCS) has been providing highly specialised, professional services to superyacht owners since 1984. Over that time the Dominion team has built up a vast knowledge of the industry. This is important for your peace of mind as legislation and rules constantly evolve and change.

As a licensed corporate service provider, DMCS can provide you with high quality and well-regulated professional services. You can rest assured that everything will always be done in your best interests within the legal and regulatory framework in which we operate.

As part of the ICM group of companies, DMCS can provide you with the whole range of services you will need from company setup to registration, from crew employment to importation, and from safety onboard  to VAT planning:

Our highly knowledgeable team has over 150 years of experience in the sector. We offer highly competitive rates and will always work closely with you and your advisers to provide you with the very best solutions. Our dedicated tax and legal specialists offer complementary services so you can get all the answers you need quickly.

Dominion Marine Corporate Services

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