ICM Group Companies

The ICM Group was founded in the Isle of Man in 1984 and has associated offices in the UK, Monaco, Jersey, Cyprus, Malta and the Netherlands. The ICM group of companies has particular expertise in yachts and superyachts, business aviation, company and trust services, wealth management and VAT and tax advice. The ICM Group has been director owned and managed for 30 years. The main companies within the Group are as follows:

Inter-Continental Management

Inter-Continental Management specialises in simple and complex corporate and trust structures. It provides clients with a range of tailor made services and solutions for managing and preserving wealth, succession planning, estate planning, tax management and forced heirship planning.

Dominion Marine Corporate Services Limited

Dominion Marine specialises in superyacht ownership structures, yacht registration, VAT planning, importation into the EU and company formation and administration. Dominion Crew Solutions provides MLC approved crew employment and payroll services. Dominion Marine SARL offers a unique Monaco based yacht rental solution.

ICM Aviation

ICM Aviation offers a unique, comprehensive VAT, tax, duty, importation and ownership solution service for aircraft which travel within the EU. The ICM Aviation team works closely with Martyn Fiddler Associates Limited and other aviation professionals, to identify liabilities and create solutions that meet the needs of every client.

Martyn Fiddler Associates Limited

Martyn Fiddler Associates Limited specialises in the import and export of aircraft and all related VAT, customs and duty matters. The team delivers high quality services to aircraft owners and operators. Other related services include APD UK representation, aircraft ownership and registration, indemnified tax and VAT advice and customs warehousing.

ICM Tax Consultants Limited

If you have a high value asset, permanently located or temporarily operated within the EU, it could be subject to significant VAT liabilities. ICM Tax Consultants provides indemnified independent advice on all VAT and direct tax issues.